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Install libimobiledevice on mac

Install libimobiledevice on mac.Libimobiledevice is a cross-platform software library that talks the protocols to support iPhone iPod Touch, iPad and Apple TV devices. Unlike other projects, it does not depend on using any existing proprietary libraries and does not require jailbreaking. It allows other software to easily access the device’s filesystem, retrieve information about the device and it’s internals, backup/restore the device. download ideviceactivation for mac . The Libimobiledevice is in development since August 2007.

how Install libimobiledevice on mac?

install libimobiledevice on mac

For El Capitan, MAC OS

First you may need Xcode installed then open terminal on your Mac, after open terminal type this Libimobiledevice Commands for the latest version libimobiledevice 1.2.0

ruby e “$(curl -fsSL” < /dev/null 2> /dev/null

after the ruby download, it may take some time downloading all necessaries files wait for finish and then type on terminal:

brew install libimobiledevice

and all will be instaled correctely on your mac .

You can just copy and paste the codes to add on terminal using the Pastebin file:

Other mac OS versions:

Install libimobiledevice on Mac OS X

So you’d like to manage your iOS devices by command line?
You can use libimobiledevice tools for that.
Easy on Linux. Let’s see how it is on Mac OS X.You’ll need to:
1. install Xcode
2. start Xcode and agree to it’s license
3. install Xcode command line tools (Start Xcode, Go to Preferences -> Downloads tab)
4. install homebrew by this command (sudo password will be prompted)ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL”5. run following

brew install -v –fresh automake autoconf libtool wgetlibimobiledevice

brew install -v –HEAD –fresh –build-from-source ideviceinstaller

6. ready to Use libimobiledevice
copy codes to download and install Libimobiledevice

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